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1Prestigious hotel flooded by overflowing bath

Prestigious hotel flooded by overflowing bath

By Cara Sulieman

A DOZY guest at one of Scotland’s most prestigious hotels left their bath running over – cutting power to the ENTIRE building.

Around 220 guests at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews were evacuated after the hotel lost power at 10pm on Tuesday night when the water flooded the electrical system.

Ironically the hotel is owned by millionaire PLUMBING firm Kohler Co which specialises in upmarket bathroom ware.

Fire-fighters were called to help pump water from the world famous building at one stage.

Moved hotels

Checks also had to be carried out to make sure all areas were safe before guests returned to their rooms.

Fife Fire and Rescue said that some of the guests were taken to other hotels in the area whilst others waited outside until their coach arrived at 2am to take them to Edinburgh airport for flights home.

A spokesman for the nearby Fairmont Hotel in St Andrew’s also confirmed that several guests affected by the evacuation took a number of rooms with them as they sought refuge from the drama filled evening.

Fire-fighters and their three pumps were at the hotel for four hours until the job was over.

Deemed safe

But hotel staff tried to put a brave face on the embarrassing affair saying guest were left in the open for 20 minutes until the building was deemed safe.

Debbie Taylor, Managing Director at the hotel, said: “Guests were evacuated for 20 minutes after a guest’s bath overflowed.

“The fire service were great and stayed for a while afterwards to make sure that everything was in order.

“There’s not much damage, although the bathroom where the overflow occurred will have to be checked.

“But we’re up and running as usual again.”

Best service

It was claimed that guests affected by the event will get their stay at the hotel for free, although management refused confirm what compensation would be offered.

Mrs Taylor said: “I couldn’t possibly say. Our internal customer service is something I don’t see as newsworthy.

“We strive to provide the best service for our guests as you would expect from a hotel of our standard.”

The hotel has 144 rooms and sits a few paces from the ‘17th’ hole on the famous Old Course home of golf.

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