Funeral plans for top Scots professor Hamish Wood after he dies at home


by Shaun Milne

A TOP Scots professor so revered he had a university building named after him has died.

Hamish Wood, 83, passed away at his home in Bearsden, Glasgow, on Friday after a long illness.

He spent most of his career in academia at the University of Strathclyde, starting work there in 1953 and rising through the ranks until he became vice-principle for two years from 1984.

He retired in 1991 as Professor Emeritus.

Professor Wood played a key role in developing the university into the institution it has become with responsibility for allocating resources to academic areas, developing teaching policy and reviewing its entire management structure.

As a scientist he specialised in organic and medicinal chemistry, with a research interest into the rational design of anti-bacterial drugs, ensuring he was held in high esteem by his peers and students alike.

His contribution to education stretched to the Glasgow College of Technology/Glasgow Polytechnic, later Glasgow Caledonian University, who named its City Campus the Hamish Wood Building in recognition.

He was later awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University in 1994.

Originally he was from Hawick, Roxburghshire, born there on May 8, 1926, he was educated at Hawick High School before moving to St Andrew’s University where he gained a first class Honours BSc in Chemistry, and three years later a PhD.

A proud grandparent, he was married to wife Jean and survived by his two children, Sheena and Colin.

His funeral will take place on Thursday at Clydebank Crematorium, North Dalnottar, starting at 1.30pm.