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1“Serena Williams stole my pen”

“Serena Williams stole my pen”

Zak Scott, nine, and his special sweatband
Zak Scott, nine, and his special sweatband

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTS schoolboy who went to Wimbledon to watch his heroes play was left gobsmacked when tennis champion Serena Williams stole his pen.

Zak Scott, nine, was first in line to get his tennis ball signed by the tennis star, but was shocked when she continued down the queue with his marker.

So he patiently followed her and waited to get his pen back.

When the Wimbledon champion realised what she had done, she embarrassingly asked if she could swap it for a signed wristband.

First person to get her signature

And while it is now his pride and joy the young schoolboy explained that he just wanted his pen back.

He said: “My granddad and I went to Wimbledon and were watching a few matches on court two, including Serena’s.

“Afterwards I wanted to go and get her signature so we stood and waited at the players entrance.

“She came out and I was the first person to get her signature.

“Then she kept going signing everyone’s balls and papers that they wanted signing with my pen, so I followed her to get it back.”


When the tennis giant noticed Zak was trailing behind her she asked him what he was doing.

He explained to her that she had taken his pen, and the star asked if she could keep it.

The star-struck boy said that he didn’t think twice about giving her his marker.

He said: “She said I was really kind and that if I gave her something she would have to give something back to me.

“So she had a look in her bag and brought out a sweatband and signed it for me.

“It’s great. I really like tennis and Serena is one of my favourite tennis players. It was great to see her and all the other stars playing on the court.”

Over the moon

Zak had travelled down to London from Peat Inn, Fife, with his sister Hatty, seven, and their grandparents, Ann and Jack Milan, to visit extended family in the capital.

The Wimbledon tickets for Monday 29 June were a treat for the tennis mad boy that he will never forget.

His mum, Lisa, 44, said that he had been over the moon about the encounter when he got back from London.

She said: “He came back absolutely ecstatic. He’s playing it cool now but he was just so thrilled when he came back.

“I think he wants to go back next year but doesn’t realise quite how expensive a day out it is.

“He’s tennis mad and plays in little tournaments and things just now.”

Henman Hill

She also explained how the meeting with Serena wasn’t Zak’s only piece of luck that day.

She said: “After meeting Serena he suggested to his granddad that they go and watch some of Murray’s game against Stanislas Wawrinka on Henman Hill.

“But on the way he saw resale tickets for centre court and so they queued and got one of the last pairs of tickets.

“Although they had missed the first set of Murray’s game it went on for another four sets so there was plenty to see.

“He’s a wee charmer and probably used that charm on Serena.

“Zak is one of those people who is lucky in life.”

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