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1Car boot kidnap nurse feels ready to return to work

Car boot kidnap nurse feels ready to return to work

By Rory Reynolds

A BRAVE nurse who survived being locked in the boot of her own car in sub-zero temperatures for 10 days after being kidnapped says she wants to return to work – just two months after her attacker’s trial.

Magdeline Makola – a nurse at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary – said she wants to get on with her career and return to normal life after her near-death kidnapping in December of last year.

The 38-year-old was subjected to a horrific ordeal after fellow South African Justice Ngema bound, gagged, and left her for dead in the boot of her own Vauxhall Astra on 15 December.

The 35-year-old illegal immigrant pleaded guilty to 14 charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison for putting the hard-working nurse through the nightmare.

Ngema was told he may never be released as a result of a lifelong restriction order which may extend his eight-year term.Magdeline said she was still recovering, but feels that she is ready to get back to work.

She said: “I am hoping it will be quite soon, but I realise there are lots of procedures I have to go through after being away form the job for so long.

“I knew I couldn’t just go straight back.

“My family have all gone back to South Africa and my friends are keeping me company – but I am ready to go back.

“I wouldn’t say I’m fully recovered – but I’m getting there.

“It has been difficult but I’m doing fine now.”

Magdeline survived for 10 days in sub-zero temperatures over Christmas until cops found her suffering from hypothermia and dehydration on Boxing Day last year.

During the 10 days Ngema had gone on a lavish shopping spree with his girlfriend, buying champagne and Christmas presents while using Magdeline’s bank cards.

Magdeline is now waiting for NHS Lothian to clear her to return to her position at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

A spokesman for NHS Lothian said they were unable to discuss individual staff members.

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