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1Hunt for couples to test sex jab for men

Hunt for couples to test sex jab for men

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTS sex boffins want randy couples to try out a new contraceptive jab for men.

Injection SyringeA team of scientists from Edinburgh University reckon they’ve found an injection more pregnancy-proof than condoms.

Made up of a new combination of hormones, the jab would need to be taken just six months a year – if trials are successful.

It is designed to stop the production of sperm completely and could potentially replace the condom.

Now 20 Scottish couples are now being urged to come forward to help in an international year-long trial.

It is hoped the bi-monthly jab will build on recent studies involving a weekly injection.

Professor Richard Anderson, from Edinburgh University’s reproductive and developmental sciences division, said the weekly trial proved contraceptive injecting works.

He said: “That was extremely successful and proved the concept that an injectable hormone could stop men’s sperm production to very good contraceptive levels and be fully reversible.

“It was a proof of concept rather than anything that was ever going to be used, but it did prove that it could be done.

“What we are doing now is a substantial refinement of that, using the same theoretical approach of hormone injections that temporarily stop men producing sperm.

“The idea is to check that it really is a good contraceptive.”

His team is hunting for men under 45 with female partners under 37 who have regular periods and no medical reason preventing pregnancy.

It is claimed tests reduced a man’s sperm count down from above 20 million sperm per millilitre to zero, and to less than one million in others.

Anderson said he has no doubt there is gap in the contraceptive market for the male jab.

He added: “The surveys we have done have been very positive and particularly positive from women as much as men.

“You are in a stable relationship. You have had a baby or two. You have taken the reproductive burden on throughout. Maybe it’s about time someone else took a turn.”

A spokesperson for the Family Planning Association said: “It is important that research continues to try to give men more contraceptive choice.

“But it is crucial that any new contraceptive is rigorously tested to make sure it is incredibly safe and effective.”

The couples from Scotland who take part will be among 200 couples taking part in the trial, run by the World Health Organisation.

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