Body of missing John Boylan found


Bernard Boylan with a picture of his son John
Bernard Boylan with a picture of his son John

By Cara Sulieman

THE missing brother of an SAS war hero has been found drowned in a Scots river.

The body John Boylan, 22, from Whitburn, West Lothian, was discovered on September 26 in the River Almond near Livingston.

He had been missing since September 3 and his body was pulled from the River Almond in Livingston on September 26, but police were only able to confirm his identity today (Mon).

His brother Colin MacLachlan, 35, a former special ops soldier who served three tours in Iraq where he was once captured and tortured by terrorists, was among worried relatives who had been “searching day and night”.

River Almond

John, who has learning difficulties, was last seen leaving his father’s house and didn’t turn up for a family dinner the following day, raising the alarm.

He had left home without his money or prized i-Pod, instantly causing concern for his distraught family.

Colin searched the banks of the River Almond in Livingston after reports of a youngster jumping from the bridge the day after John’s disappearance.

He walked a few miles up the river looking for any clues as to whether it was his little brother who had jumped in, but didn’t find anything.

Too distressed

The family, including Colin, John’s father Bernard, and sisters Jane, 25, and Sarah, 24, visited areas they knew John frequented, and said that they just wanted John to “come home” because “we miss him and are worried about him”.

The devastated family thanked all who had tried to help find John, but were too distressed to talk about their loss today (Mon).

Police said there appeared to be nothing suspicious about his death and a report has been sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

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