Thursday, July 7, 2022
1Scottish men look at breasts first

Scottish men look at breasts first

By Cara Sulieman

AROUND half of Scots men admit that they always look at a woman’s breasts before they look at her face.

Those living in Edinburgh are most likely to cop an eyeful with city women boasting an average bra size of 36D.

In Aberdeen women are more petite, with 32A as the average.

But it is Glasgow’s women who are more likely to impress the boys.

Their average size of 36C is apparently “perfect” for 48 per cent of men.


Almost half think their partner’s breasts are beautiful as they are and wouldn’t change anything about them.

What they would change is the quarter of Scottish women who don’t wear matching underwear, with 80 per cent of men saying it is the biggest turn-off in the bedroom.

However the survey – carried out by cosmetic surgery group Transform – found that 48 per cent of women in Scotland are unhappy with their bust, with one in four wanting to change the shape.

Four out of 10 of them admitted they are envious of a friend’s cleavage, and 46 per cent said they wanted a celebrity’s breasts.

Transform are launching the Breasts of Britain campaign, designed to encourage women to embrace their breasts no matter what they look like.

“Darker secrets”

They are hoping to raise funds for Coppafeel! – a charity that encourages young women to check for lumps.

Pat Dunion from Transform said: “It’s a real insight into our attitude towards breasts, both natural and surgically enhanced.

“Since we began our journey 35 years ago, we’ve seen over 300,000 pairs and have come to understand women’s needs and issues.

“However, this study has revealed some of Scots’ darkest secrets that even we didn’t know.

“Our fascination with breasts – whether male or female – seems to be getting bigger each year so it’s no surprise that so many women seek out the breasts they’ve always wanted.

“Now that cosmetic surgery is so accessible, women are now much happier to take the plunge, rather than remain miserable.”

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