Monday, July 4, 2022
1Top chocolate chef opens exhibition

Top chocolate chef opens exhibition

By Rory Reynolds

ONE of Scotland’s top chocolatiers has opened an exhibition to dazzle visitors with the wonders of fine chocolate.

Iain Burnett, who has produced truffles that taste of burnt hay, has launched the Scottish Chocolate Centre in Perthshire.

The 36-year-old’s permanent exhibition will take visitors through the history of chocolate, and reveal how he uses ingredients from red cocoa to pineapple to create his famous desserts.

Known as the Highland Chocolatier, Iain supplies truffles and desserts to Scotland’s only two-Michelin star restaurant at Gleneagles Hotel.

He is renowned for his unique truffles, which include ingredients like lime, chilli, and black pepper.

Iain said: “The centre is an exposition of the world of chocolate and it will give visitors an insight into how fine chocolate is made.


“They will have the chance to join in part of organised tours and we have a special chocolate kitchen at the centre.

“We also have films screening demonstrating the journey that the cocoa makes before becoming chocolate.

“We source only the finest cocoa from São Tomé, which gives us a very intense special flavour, sweet and sour, which some chefs like to demonstrate.

“It gives you red cherry flavours but also more unusual savoury flavours like black pepper.”


Business director, Julie Collier added: “Many people have no knowledge of the skill and dedication that goes into the production of gourmet chocolates.

“We hope that the Scottish Chocolate Centre will bring more visitors to us, and will increase the numbers of people who appreciate fine chocolate.”

Visitors will also be invited to don chefs’ whites and try their hand at creating unusual truffles for themselves.

And they will have to opportunity to see first hand how chocolate is sculpted into statues shapes for display.

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