Police appeal for witnesses after road rage incident


By Cara Sulieman

POLICE are trying to track down a reckless driver who reversed into a car carrying a nine year old girl.

The road rage attack happened last Friday night after the driver of both cars got into a fight at a roundabout.

A 27-year-old had been driving with his young daughter in the back of his blue Toyota Corolla along the Queensway in Glenrothes when he noticed a silver car following closely behind him.

When he stopped his car at the Queensway roundabout the two drivers started to argue.

It was then that the Subaru Impreza drove round in front of the Toyota before reversing at speed and smashing into the front of it before speeding off.

Luckily neither the driver nor his young daughter were injured but they were frightened by the incident.

The driver was still able to drive the vehicle despite the damage.

Police are now appealing for help in tracking down the driver of the Subaru.

PC Kirsty Wilson, who is investigating this case, said: “Clearly the reaction of the Subaru driver was completely inappropriate and it is fortunate that the occupants of the Toyota were not injured.

“We are looking for witnesses to this incident to come forward so that the driver can be interviewed.

“He is described as slim, around 6ft tall with a bald head.

“If anybody knows who this man is they are asked to contact Fife Police on 0845 600 5702 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where they may receive a community reward.”