Thieves target Edinburgh's exclusive homes


By Clare Carswell

EDINBURGH thieves have targeted one of the city’s most expensive streets in a spate of burglaries.

 Police believe that drug addicts are responsible for a series of break-ins on Ann Street, in the up-market Stockbridge area of the capital where houses often fetch £1million when sold. 

In less than three weeks four A-listed homes have been burgled and the thieves have made off with jewellery and cash.

One house was even hit twice within that three week period, while homes in neighbouring streets, Danube Street and Upper Dean Terrace were also robbed. 

Police have increased patrols of the street in response to the break-ins but there have been no arrests to date. 

The police met with around 50 local residents on one of the UK’s most exclusive streets to discuss what action could be taken.   

Some of the robberies occurred by forcing open the large windows of the Georgian homes, while other thieves have gained access via the large gardens of the properties.

An ex-lecturer of Edinburgh College of Art and resident of Ann Street, Stuart Barrie, said that the numerous break-ins were “worrying”. 

He added: “It seems to have been jewellery and money which has been stolen.  They are obviously looking for things which can be easily carried away.

“The police also said they may be trying each house for weaknesses and moving on to the next one if they are not successful.

“The police have been giving us precautions to take and asking us to keep an eye on neighbouring homes.”

The first robbery happened on September 28, and the most recent on October 18.  Properties on Ann Street, Danube Street and Upper Dean Terrace have all been targeted.

A police spokesperson said that jewellery, cash and laptops were some of the items stolen.  She advised that anyone with information or concerns about home security should contact Lothian and Borders Police on 0131 311 3131.