New police recruit’s bark is worse than her bite

The new puppy was named Kate to honour the memory of a former staff member

THE latest recruit to Fife Constabulary’s dog section has made her first public appearance.

German Shepherd puppy Kate, purchased from the Metropolitan Police, is named in honour of the favourite actress of a member of staff who died tragically earlier this year and whose family raised the funds at his funeral to buy the puppy.

The 10 week-old dog is now in training and being looked after by dog handler PC Lynn Law.

She said: “Kate is a very lively and intelligent puppy who I am sure will make a great working police dog.

“I have had her for three weeks now and our intention is to allow her to enjoy her puppyhood, but start with initial ‘play’ training when she is 12 weeks old.

“We will continue that until she is 15 months old when an intensive three month training period will begin, and when that is completed she will become a valuable addition to the service and a fitting and lasting memorial to Allan’s memory.”

Alan's favourite actress was Kate Winslet (Picture by Andrea Raffin)

Allan Green was the force’s Freedom of Information officer and had worked for Fife Constabulary for seven years when he passed away following an accident.

Maria Daly, who was Allan’s partner, said: “Allan used to enjoy seeing the police dogs being trained outside of his office window, and was full of admiration for the work they did.

“We decided that rather than have flowers at his funeral we would ask for donations instead, and felt that buying a police puppy in his honour was an appropriate way to spend the money raised.

“Allan liked watching films and was particularly taken by the actress Kate Winslet, so we are delighted that the puppy has been named after her.”