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Pupils call for “crazy” tie to be part of official uniform


"Larger than life" teacher wore "crazy" ties to work to entertain his pupils

Students in a high school are calling for “crazy” design tie to become part of their uniform in memory of a “larger than life” teacher.

The tie, which features colourful skylines from across the world, was designed by a pupil at anEdinburghschool who wanted to pay tribute to a teacher, Ian Caddell, who died from a stroke last summer.

Bethany Sikes, a sixth-year pupil at James Gillespie’s Highschool in the city, who organised a competition to find the winning design, said: “Mr Caddell was a really inspiring teacher and an integral part of the school.

“One of his many unique ways was wearing crazy ties- and he was quite well known for that.

“The day after we found out about his death, there was a spontaneous thing where everyone came into school wearing a crazy tie and it became a symbol for him.”

But Bethany and her friends wanted to do something that would act as a permanent reminder of Mr Caddell’s valued contribution to the school.

When first-year pupil Mikaela Carmichael came up with a striking design featuring skylines fromEdinburgh, the US, Thailand andIndia, it was chosen as a winner from more than 400 entries.

Bethanysaid: “We chose a tie that’s fun and crazy and also one he would have worn.

“I would like to see this tie become a school tie and an alternative to the traditional one.”

Pupils chose a colourful tie design to pay tribute to their teacher

According to the pupils, Mr Caddell would often arrive for work wearing ties featuring Bart Simpson, as well colourful violins and penguins to name just a few.

And in memory of the “charismatic” teacher, the new headteacher at James Gillespie’s wore the “crazy” tie on his first day at the job this week.

Mr Donald MacDonald said he would consult with the pupils- who do not wear an official uniform- on whether they wish for a uniform to be introduced.

He said: “What I’m keen to do is listen to youngsters and consult with parents about whether or not a more formalised uniform is appropriate here.

“The tie has been designed by youngsters so I’m keen to ask them when the tie should be worn.

“It could be that we have themed days where it is worn, or during special events like musical performances.

“I wore it on my first day as a gesture to support the charity and to pay my respects to Mr Caddell.”

He described the late teacher as a “larger than life character” who was “charismatic and popular” among pupils and staff.

Speaking of her winning design, Mikaela, 12, said: “I started with a few squiggly lines and thought it looked a bit like a skyline.

“We do a lot of multicultural things in schools so my design has skylines of Edinburgh Castle, America, Thailand and India.

“It’s a bit weird seeing wearing it but I hope Mr Caddell would have been pleased with it.”

The tie is on sale at the school priced £7, with all proceeds going to Chest, Heart and StrokeScotland.

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