Facebook users have few “friends” to turn to

Most respondents to the poll said they had few real friends

FACEBOOK users might have hundreds of friend on their lists – but only two they could turn to for help in real life.

In a poll by Macmillan Cancer Support it was revealed that the average young adult on the social networking site had 237 friends, but just a couple who they could turn to in a crisis.

The survey of 1,000 18 to 35-year-olds found two thirds said they had two or fewer really close friends.

And 13% said they could not rely on anyone on their list for support.

Men were 4% more likely to have no one than women.

Jeannie Wilkinson, a Relate counsellor who is funded by the charity, said: “It is surprising and concerning that people confide in such a small number of friends and family – and more so that others may not confide in anyone.”