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Da Vinci Code rapist “moved” following mass protest

Amy Jo Dickson, 7, was among those who demanded the eviction of Greens

DA VINCI Code rapist Robert Greens has been secretly smuggled away to a new safehouse after hundreds of furious demonstrators demanded his eviction.

The sex attacker was quietly moved by police and housing officials after an angry crowd besieged the town hall no Friday, according to a local council in Dalkeith, Midlothian.

Margot Russell said the decision to remove Greens was taken following a risk assessment by a security company which manages sex offenders.

Residents were furious after the 33-year-old was released early from a 10-year jail sentence and rehoused in a residential block surrounded by families.

Protestors from as young as seven-years-old marched on council offices holding placards saying “Get Rapist Out”.

Councillor Margot Russell said the Multi Agency Public Protection Panel, made up of police, the Scottish Prison Service, NHS and social work departments, took the decision to move him after

Lothian and Borders Police and Midlothian Council flatly refused today to confirm Greens’ removal.

But Cllr Russell said: “My understanding is he has not been in the property since Saturday.

“There was a risk assessment meeting on Friday and the decision was taken later on.”

She added: “I’ve been approached by many elderly people and constituents with young families.

“He was always going to have security 24 hours a day, but there were still concerns.

“One of the issues many of the elderly people raised was the type of attention his being there might attract and the possibility of vigilante attacks.

“Speaking in a personal capacity, I don’t think he should have been released – he should have served his sentence.”

Greens was jailed for the 2005 rape of a 19-year-old foreign student near Rosslyn Chapel, a building made famous in Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code.

Greens’ attack was described by the trial judge as one of the worst cases of rape ever tried at the High Court.


Councillor Russell added: “[Greens] was housed at Jarnac Court, presumably because it has a lot of CCTV cameras and it’s near the police station. But Dalkeith was not the right place for him especially not the town centre.”

Alex Morris, who organised the 200-strong protest on Friday, said she was furious when Greens was moved in.

“It’s just not acceptable to have someone like this living here but if it’s true that’s he’s gone, I am absolutely delighted. It’s great news.

“I have a meeting with the council today and when I hear it from their own mouths, I’ll believe it.

“A neighbour of mine saw him on Sunday but if he’s gone now, everyone will be very relieved.”

Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford of Lothian and Borders Police, chairman of the Multi Agency Public Protection Panel, said: “There are robust processes and procedures in place to manage sex offenders, but we cannot comment on individual cases.”

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