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Puppy with “suspicious injuries” put to sleep

The young dog was so badly injured he had to be put to sleep by vets

A PUPPY was found in such an extreme state of neglect that rescuers were forced to put him to sleep.

Members of the public spotted the sick and weak cross-breed at the side of a road in Girvan on Saturday.

Shocked animal welfare officers discovered that the dog, which is believed to be aged between four and six months, had several unhealed fractures and was suffering from neurological problems.

A vet said the black and brown animal had suffered a broken jaw and hip, which had not healed, and was underweight and suffering from painful pressure sores on his body.

The Scottish SPCA’s Senior Inspector Karl Knowles said, “This poor puppy was in an extremely bad condition when he was found, with visible signs of neglect.

“The vet who examined him said his fractures were suspicious and it is very unlikely they had been caused by a road traffic accident.

“We are looking at the distinct possibility this puppy has been harmed maliciously.

“He was also underweight, with his ribs clearly visible, and had pressure sores on his body which he probably sustained from lying on hard ground.

“Although he was struggling to walk it is possible he managed to make his own way to the spot where he was found. However, someone may also have abandoned him there.

“His condition was so advanced when he came into our care that sadly the veterinary advice was that the only humane option was to end his suffering.

“He should have received treatment long before he was found and the fact that he had to be put to sleep is a tragic outcome.

“We are appealing to members of the public who recognise him to come forward with information as we are very keen to identify his owner.”


Anyone with information is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

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