UK’s highest restaurant to change name


THE UK’S highest restaurant is changing its name.

The eaterie, close to the summit of Cairngorm, has been called the Ptarmigan since it opened in 1960s.

But the plan to change its name to 1097 – the restaurant’s height in metres – has not proved universally popular.

One local, who asked no to be named, said: “Since the original building opened in the 1960s, it has been known throughout the country as the highest restaurant in the UK.

“To many of us, it will always be the Ptarmigan.

“It rolls off the Highland tongue far easier than 1097.”

Another complained: “I can pronounce Ptarmigan easier than I can remember 1097.”

The restaurant is known to generations of sodden skiers and walkers who have sheltered there for more than five decades.

The name change is the idea of new owners, leisure and travel company Natural Resources.

The Ptarmigan, which also includes a shop and exhibition, was extensively refurbished when the mountain railway which terminates there was built a decade ago.