Friday, July 1, 2022
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Deer has a break with a KitKat

A DEER has been captured on video having a break – with a KitKat.

The clip shows the “wild” animal taking the chocolate snack from a motorist amid the splendour of Glencoe.

The deer – which appears to show no fear – sticks its head almost inside the car before being hand fed.
After swallowing the piece of KitKat it licks its lips.

The film was taken by Hazel Boyle, from Fife, who stopped near the eastern end of the glen, next to the King’s House Hotel.

deer 2

She commented: “A friendly deer at the King’s House today.”

deer 4

But the video has attracted a mixed reaction.

Fi Wilson commented on the video: “How lovely! Great to see them so close.”

But Douglas Cutt wrote: “If that is chocolate that could be one sick deer. Chocolate is not good for any animal.”

Hazel wrote back: “I was waiting for someone to make a comment like this. It was literally the smallest piece.”

Simon Louden, park manager at The Scottish Deer Centre near Cupar, Fife, said: “It could well be dangerous to feed deer chocolate.

“Feeding animals is one way that people can get close to nature, but you don’t want them to become dependent on you.

“It’s an argument that could go on forever.”

By Xantha Leatham

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