Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Karen Gillan’s selfie competition

SCOTS actress Karen Gillan asked fans to send in lookalike selfies – with an airline sick bag as the prize.

Entries ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous as fans eagerly dressed up as Gillen in her roles in Doctor Who and her new US sitcom Selfie.

Brittany @thirty3anda3rd dressed as Gillan in Selfie, showing off a gold encrusted phone.

selfie 7
Merry Oswald [email protected] dressed as Gillan in Doctor Who, disguised as a Soothsayer – a sect that appeared in the Fires of Pompeii episode of Doctor Who.


Karen Gillen selfie party4Molly O'callaghan @Mobug123O
Molly O’Callaghan @Mobug123O was convincing in round glasses and a book as Amy Pond.


The winner, Amelia Nicholson, also dressed as Pond, recreating the episode Day of the Moon in which she is covered in pen markings.

WINNER Karen Gillen selfie party2 amelia nicholson - @WhovianGillan1
Karen Gillan look-a-like winner Amelia Nicholson who will receive an airline “vomit” bag for her troubles


 Karen Gillan tweeted: “And the winner is…@WhovianGillan1…vomit bag comin’ your way!


“Amazing costumes! Made me happy.”


The competition was held to publicise Selfie, which first aired on ABC in September.

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