JK Rowling in rugby wager with Italian fan


SCOTLAND’S defeat to Italy at Murrayfield may have left them at the bottom of the table – but author JK Rowling managed to get a jar of Nutella out of it.

The millionairess had issued a wager with one of her Italian fans on Twitter as the Six Nations clash was about to start on Saturday.


The millionairess had issued a wager with one of her Italian fans on Twitter


If Italy lost she promised Andrea Brutto she would send him a signed copy of her book as a consultation.

In return he would send her a jar of Nutella if Scotland lost.

The online conversation started when Andrea Tweeted the Harry Potter author saying: “I’m Italian and I can’t wait for this match. Watch what we can do!”




Rowling, who lives in Edinburgh, replied: “Are you going to be at Murrayfield?”

Stunned by the response Andrea posted: “I don’t know what to write you cause I don’t understand. Oh my god! Thank you Jo. But yes.”




“Well if we win, you get a signed book from me to ease the pain,” Rowling promised. “What will you give me if Italy win?”

Andrea said: “I cannot compare a signed book with one of my gift… But I think a simple but stronger hug or a kiss or a Nutella.”

Rowling replied: “OK, Italy wins, you have to send me some Nutella. Scotland wins, you get signed book. I’ll DM after game for your address.”




After the penalty try in the 80th minute gave Italy a 22-19 win over Scotland Rowling posted: “ At least I’ll have Nutella. Congrats Andrea, you can have the book anyway. I need a very large drink. X”