Top dog wanted for travel critic job


A HOLIDAY company is seeking a discerning dog to conduct travel reviews.

The online letting agency has issued a press release asking for people to put forward their pooches for a role they are calling Canine Critic.

The post is unpaid but the dog and its owner will be given four free UK holiday stays during the 2015/16 season.


Wanted – dogs who know how to have a good time’


It is not known whether literary pretensions or reflective prose will be  indulged but it is understood that the chosen animal must promise not to chew the furniture.

The ‘Canine Critic’ will be asked to keep regular, up-to-date blogs and video accounts of the four holidays they take annually, although they are allowed to delegate this task to their owner should they so wish.

The advert states that the dog’s owner must “enjoy writing, have good time management skills and be able to meet review deadlines.”

The “Essential characteristics” required are listed as follows:

–          House-trained (does not chew furniture, toilet-trained etc)

–          Minimum age of 1 year old (as of February 2015)

–          Sociable (good with other dogs/children)

–          Active

–          A nose for discovering new places

–          A good traveller


The chosen “dog critic” must travel well, although all locations are within the UK


James Morris, managing director of, said:

“Whilst it may seem as though the owners of our lucky Canine Critic will simply get to sit back, relax and reap the benefits of some free trips, this is simply not the case.

“The role comes with a certain number of responsibilities that are vital in helping us to ensure that customers travelling with animals have the very best experiences possible.”


The role “comes with a certain number of responsibilities”


Anyone wishing to put their pet pooch forward for the job can apply online at