University of Edinburgh wins UCISA award


The University of Edinburgh has won the UCISA Award for Excellence for their Path project.

Path began as a development by Paul Horrocks and Greg Tyler, two students in the School of Mathematics, to help their peers make better choices to build their degree programme.




The resulting application was piloted in the School before being rolled out to the entire University.

Lisa Dawson, Head of Student Systems Operations and sponsor of the project, said: “Path is a student-led initiative which has grown to have a positive impact across our student community.

“It has greatly enhanced the way we present our course information to students and as a result has improved the quality of the information we publish.

She added: “The University of Edinburgh is delighted that the Path system has been recognised by UCISA through their Award for Excellence, and we are extremely proud of the work Paul and Greg started as students and have continued as colleagues.”