Phil Jupitus makes return to Scottish art galleries


WELL-known comedian and public figure, Phil Jupitus has shown himself to be as sharp with drawing as he is with one liners.

The funnyman appeared at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh today to publicise his Fringe show.

Sketch Comic involves Jupitus using an iPad to recreate classic works in front of an audience.

Today, Jupitus produced a version of Roy Lichtenstein’s In the Car, taking 20 minutes over his mini-masterpiece.

Asked if he would sketch any more of Lichtenstein’s work, he replied: “Don’t think so, look at the dots, too tricky”.

Deep in concentration: Jupitus carefully sketches his “mini-masterpiece”


Jupitus’ show proved very popular at last year’s Fringe, with one of the attractions the opportunity for members of the audience to join him whilst he sketches.

He said: “On the last I had 40 people come in and sketch with me.

Asked if the large audiences for his shows annoy the regular art gallery goers, he replied: “Yeah, they get pretty hacked off”.

But Jupitus joked that he never gets complaints because “I am a large man”.

He added: “My mother was an artist, she encouraged me and got me into it.”

But Jupitus has no plans to profit from his artistic hobby. “I think not,” he said. “Never have, never will.”