Blue now most popular car colour, says AA


BLUE has overtaken silver as the most popular car colour, according to a new study by the Automobile Association (AA).


Blue is the colour, according to a new study. Pic: Teuchter Wagons.


The poll of 25,810 drivers showed that AA members’ top choice of colour for their next car was blue (21%) followed closely by silver (19%), black (18%), and red (14%).

The proportion selecting white and red also rose significantly in the last two years and those aged over 65 were twice as likely to go for beige.

The higher the social status the more likely the driver was to own a silver car although the true blues were more represented by C1 social class.




AA president Edmund King said: “Even though blue is the top car colour choice we don’t think it was influenced by the general election result or Chelsea FC winning the league.

“Car colours are generally fairly conservative and I wouldn’t worry too much what the shrinks say about your colour choice.”