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Gervais set to guest star in Outlander?

OUTLANDER may soon have a new guest star – in the form of English comedian Ricky Gervais.

Sam Heughan, star of the Highlands-set show, has suggested that the funnyman be given a cameo in the popular TV series.

He has offered wigs, dogs and snacks to get him onboard, but it appears Gervais’ main concern is wearing a kilt.


Photoshopped image of Gervais tweeted by a fan



He wrote: “Maybe a cameo in @Outlander_Starz by @rickygervais?”

Gervais replied: “2 questions. 1. What are the hours? 2. Will you make me wear a tartan skirt?”

Heughan joked: “We’ll put you in a tartan wig. Bring your own skirt. We can pick you up from the bus stop Saturday.”

Gervais wrote: “Even The Muppets treated me better than this and I had to share my trailer with a frog on that.”

Heughan then tried a different tact, attempting to persuade Gervais with the promise of a dog.

He wrote: “Ah, yeah, we don’t have a frog. Got a dog. Sometimes. Bring your own? We’ve got snacks.”

It appeared like a deal was on the verge of being struck.

Gervais said: “OK, the dog is reeling me in. These snacks…are they bags of gristle in a sheep’s stomach or do you have ones in packets?”

But Heughan then changed his mind about the offer.

“Sorry, going to have to retract the offer of a cameo. Dog had concerns…” he wrote.

The exchange between the two celebrities delighted fans, some of whom created photoshopped images of Gervais wearing a kilt.

Heughan retweeted a picture, which shows Gervais grinning as he poses with a sword dressed in traditional Scottish gear.

One Twitter user, Britta Krefeldt, was supportive of Gervais having a cameo performance.

She joked: “He will probably set up Office immediately.”

Vanessa Perez wrote: “I think that would be excellent, I can see him playing your ally OR foe.”

Another fan said: “Would seriously love to see this. Come on Ricky!”

Heughan recently beat Gervais in an online Radio Times competition, which saw him crowned TV Champion of 2015.

Over 26 million votes were counted, which saw Heughan win with 57% of votes over Gervais’ 43%.

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