Scottish Labour’s number two promises action on Forth stink


SCOTTISH Labour’s number two is leading the charge to wipe out a putrid stench emanating from the Forth.

Motorists crossing from Edinburgh to Fife regularly find themselves engulfed by a cloud of stink emitting from open tanks of septic sludge at the nearby treatment works.

Alex Rowley MSP, the party’s deputy leader north of the border, recently claimed passengers blame each other for breaking wind.

Mr Rowley has since visited the plant responsible for the stench and has assured commuters and residents that the “odour management plan” is being adhered to.

The plant near the Forth Road bridge has been kicking up a stink
The plant near the Forth Road bridge has been kicking up a stink


He said: “Scottish Water have assured me that they are as keen as anyone to address the issues and so far report that they have introduced further chemical treatment, carried out repairs to pipe work in relation to the sludge-holding tanks and installed new covers over the chambers where smells can come from.

“They have also commissioned work to create better capacity, are carrying out further work to identify potential odour sources and have commissioned other work to be carried out in 2016 that they say will all support the reduction of odours escaping.”

He also confirmed that the area around the treatment plant will be re-landscaped, now that it will be more visible from the new roads on the soon to be completed Queensferry Crossing.

He added: “I take this matter very seriously as the impact on constituents is not pleasant and the kind of smells we sometimes get are not what is best to meet people travelling from Fife.

“I am pleased that from my visit and discussions with Scottish Water it is clear they also take the matter very seriously and are taking actions that I hope will have the intended impact.

A spokesman for Scottish Water said: “Protecting and enhancing the environment is one of our top priorities.

Speaking out about the odour in September, Mr Rowley said: “People are very proud to be Fifers, and many pointed out that the first thing that hits you when you come over the bridge, depending on which way the wind blows, is this terrible stench.

“It’s got the point where people in cars look at each other and say, ‘It wisnae me!’”