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Carrie Fisher demanded hamburgers and ice cream for dog whilst aboard Royal Scotsman

CARRIE Fisher demanded hamburgers and ice cream for her dog on a luxury train journey through the Scottish Highlands, it has been revealed.

The 59-year-old Princess Leia actress ordered star treatment for her French Bulldog Gary as they toured the Scottish countryside earlier this year.

The hound, famous for having his tongue constantly sticking out, was served by the Royal Scotsman’s staff who had to follow strict instructions – including no rind on the bacon.

Carrie with her beloved pooch
Carrie with her beloved pooch


But the indulgent diet backfired as the pooch was unable to stop farting during the rest of their visit.

Carrie handed out culinary instructions to sous-chef James Souter as soon as she got on the £1,000-a-day train in Edinburgh.

Even when staff presented Carrie with a cake with candles to celebrate her birthday, she took one slice and handed the rest to the pampered pooch.

Part of her four-day holiday included a visit to the historic Ballindalloch Castle in the Spey Valley, along with 28 other tourists.

The dog began experiencing problems with wind, “the kind that clears rooms”, in the castle’s Grand Hall as owner Lady Macpherson-Grant was giving a talk.

Gary couldn't stop farting on the trip
Gary couldn’t stop farting on the trip


Writer Roderick Gilchrist, who was on the tour, said: “It would be wrong to suggest she recoiled in horror – well-bred ladies know how to handle such faux pas.

“But she did allow a pained look to cross her face and gently wafted the castle guide book across her face like a Spanish fan.”

One American passenger added: “With oil from the North Sea in decline, Gary has enough gas in him to power Scotland.”

During another stop on the trip, Gary caused havoc in the Glamis Castle gift shop by tugging a rag toy off the shelf.

But Carrie forgave him and treated him to a tartan cashmere doggy coat.

Carrie will appear once again as Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh film in the series, which opens in Britain on December 17.

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