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EntertainmentFans tease Rowling over nickname

Fans tease Rowling over nickname

JK Rowling has been incessantly teased by her die-hard fans – after sharing a picture of a personalised mug she was given for Christmas.

The Harry Potter author took to Twitter to post a photograph of the gift, given to her by husband of 14 years Dr Neil Murray.

The plain white mug features spooky black writing which reads: “It’s whatev, do your thing Row-Row.”

And it sparked an online debate amongst her followers on whether ‘Row-Row’ was the author’s secret nickname.



Potter fans were speculating over what Rowling’s husband called her behind closed doors.

Despite their excitement, Rowling went on to reveal the wording was in fact taken from a tweet sent by a fan earlier this year.

She wrote: “Neil put this in my stocking for those days when I look up from the laptop in search of inspiration.”

She added: “No, Neil doesn’t call me Row-Row. He’s quoting a tweet I received this year that made me laugh.”

One fan, Jack Knight?, then asked, “What DOES he call you?”

Rowling’s personalised gift from her husband.

To which Rowling sarcastically answered: “I can see no downside whatsoever to revealing that information over Twitter. None.”

Hundreds of Potter fans took to the post, which has received over 16,000 likes, to come up with their own ideas.

One follower wrote: “Bet he calls you ‘the boss’.”

The award winning author refused to reveal any pet names she gets called by.

And another said: “It’s okay. You can tell us, Rowlywobbles.”

While others claimed to already know her pet name writing: “He calls you Won-Won. We know that.”

One fan even suggested that Rowling create a matching mug for Neil for Valentine’s Day that reads: “It’s whatev, do your thing Mur-Mur.”

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