Scots cops celebrate packed lunch day with doughnuts


SCOTS cops celebrated National Pack Your Lunch Day by posting pictures of doughnuts.

A picture on the Facebook page of Forth Valley Police Division showed one-and-a-half chocolate doughnuts in a thermal, zip-up lunch box.

The cheeky snap also featured a milky coffee and a police officer’s hat.

The police shared this hilarious snap online
The police shared this hilarious snap online

The game for a laugh cops wrote: “Food for thought. Check out what we’re packing…for lunch.

“Coffee, can’t get through the day without it, and donuts, obviously.

“To celebrate National Pack Your Lunch Day we thought we’d give you a wee insight into what fuels our officers during a busy shift.”

The post then went onto poke even more fun at police stereotypes by saying if they recorded the speed they ate doughnuts, they would all end up with hefty fines.

They added: “They’ll need all the energy these delicious treats can provide for carrying out speed gun checks in the Bainsford area throughout today.
“If speed guns could calculate how quickly those donuts got munched we’d be handing out Fixed Penalty Notices for gluttony.”

They later added this picture from The Simpsons
They later added this picture from The Simpsons

They later added a photograph of Chief Clarence “Clancy” Wiggum from The Simpsons munching on a glossy pink doughnut and added: “We are trying to restrain ourselves from too much indulgence so as to stay in better shape.”

More than a hundred followers have liked the post while dozens commented to praise the force for having a laugh.

Donnchadh Mcphee said: “Brilliant, great sense of humour. Have a good day and a safe duty guys and lassies.”

Laura Freck wrote: “Good stereotyping lol.”

And Jade Nora Reid wrote: “See if a dial 999 will yees bring us Krispy Kreme or?”

While John Spike Selkirk lowered the tone writing: “Oh dear that looks like a dog poo.”

Forth Valley Police Division responded: “Don’t worry John it tasted delightful and gave us the much-needed energy boost to get out there and protect our communities.”