Bird brain penguin baffled by shadow


SCOTLAND’S most confused penguin has been caught on camera.

Last weekend Krystina Bowman visited Edinburgh Zoo for the first time to celebrate her daughter turning seven-years-old.







When they got to the penguin enclosure birthday girl Chloe had to jump up to see over the wall.

Her silhouette created a shadow which was cast down into the pen next to a lone Gentoo.

And the baffled animal began to run after the shadows – in a hilarious game which was captured on film.

The baffled animal ran after the shadows
The baffled animal ran after the shadows

The 30-second clip begins with a shot of a single Gentoo penguin looking down at the ground by its feet.

Suddenly a shadow appears and moves around, as the animal follows the movement with its head and looks completely perplexed.

Chloe then creates a shadow with her hand and waves it from side to side – and the puzzled penguin chases it around.

It even lowers its beak to the ground and tries to peck at the shadow, as the onlookers can be heard giggling.

Krystina had taken Chloe to the zoo for her birthday
Krystina had taken Chloe to the zoo for her birthday

25-year-old Krystina, from Troon in South Ayrshire, said: “We were at the zoo for my daughter Chloe’s seventh birthday – it was our first time there.

“My daughter kept jumping up to see over the wall and every time she jumped, her shadow appeared and the penguin tapped the ground with its beak.

“It was only when she waved her hand I realised it was trying to catch the shadow. It kept doing it for about 15 minutes after I stopped recording, and by the time we left another two penguins had joined in.”

The Gentoo is a medium-sized penguin found in the Falklands and the Antarctic peninsula.

Edinburgh Zoo currently has 70 of the penguins in their colony, and the animals are renowned for being active, curious individuals always investigating their surroundings.