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Joe Heenan debuts his range of baby clothes

A SCOTS comedian has released a side-splitting new range of “baby clothes”.

Joe Heenan, who regularly uses his own children as props for jokes, shared photographs of his clothing line debut yesterday (Thurs)

The three customised baby grow outfits include hand-written slogans including “He’s not my real dad” and “I’ve s* myself”.

And they are apparently available for just £7.

One of the customised outfits
One of the customised outfits

It would appear that funnyman Joe, from Perth, has used his children’s old outfits for the stunt.

Taking to Twitter, he shared the three snaps with the caption: “My new range of baby clothes is now on sale.

“Only £7 each.”

The first picture shows a small white baby grow with the words “He’s not my dad” written in bold purple pen.

The second shows the same outfit, but with the slogan “I’ve s*** myself” written in green ink.

The third piece has the words “I’ve ruined her fanny” in bright pink marker.

The clothes are on sale for "only £7 each"
The clothes are on sale for “only £7 each”

One fan commented on the pics saying: “Looks like a winner.”

And another follower named Sarah Davidson thought the outfits were “absolutely adorable”.

Joe regularly uploads amusing snaps which document his unique parenting style.

He recently shared a hilarious picture of his children on World Book Day.

After failing to buy them an outfit to wear to school, he dressed 5-year-old Daniel and 8-year-old Daisy as pages from the Argos catalogue.

Joe regularly uses his children as props for his jokes
Joe regularly uses his children as props for his jokes

The amusing picture shows his daughter holding a toaster and his son with a hairdryer – looking less than impressed with their father’s decision.

In the past he has also “made” his daughter a school bag out of a 12-pack of beer, and given his children cleaning products as Christmas presents.

For Easter, instead of splashing out on traditional chocolate eggs, he constructed his own treats at home – which included a golf ball with a piece of chocolate stuck to the top.

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