Rangers fans furious as Apple Siri claims club is just four years old


RANGERS fans are furious after iPhone’s Siri personal assistant claimed the club is just four years old.

Users have discovered that when you ask the voice-activated program to tell you when Rangers were founded, it responds with the year 2012.

That is a very sore point for Rangers fans as, following the club’s financial troubles, rival fans have taunted them about when they were officially formed.

Rangers were formed in 1872 but fans of other clubs have claimed that when the club went into liquidation in 2012, they effectively ceased to exist.

Apple phones seem to agree. Asked “When were Rangers founded?”, Siri responds: “The answer is Wednesday, December 19, 2012.”

Not quite right
Not quite right

That date is significant as it’s the day when shares in Rangers began trading on the London Stock Exchange. The move raised £22m and then-owner, Charles Green, heralded it as a new beginning for the club.

Celtic supporters lost no time mocking their rivals. William Burrell commented: “Yous died. live with it. I wish Elvis could come back too.”

Kelvin Kerr said: “That picture is your answer to every question ever posed about your team dying.”

Whilst Ryan Smith said: “They can’t handle the truth.”

One Rangers fan, Ian Scorgie, bit back, saying: “Simply the best and you lot simply obsessed,” referencing Rangers famous use of the Tina Turner hit of the same name.”

Another ‘Gers supporter, Andy Adams said: “So whatever Celtic supporters say is true. Pmsl. You lot are so obsessed and consumed by jealousy it’s a hoot.”

Whilst Robert Young said: “Sad times when all you have to do is post about Rangers. Always has been and always will be about Rangers.”

If users of an android phone ask the same question, Google responds: “March 1872”, the date the Ibrox club were originally formed.

Apple declined to comment but a source close to the firm insisted: “It’s not a deliberate attempt to deceive or mislead.”

The source said it was their understanding that Rangers Football Club Plc was liquidated in 2012 and a new company called Sevco Scotland Limited, later changed to The Rangers Football Club Limited, was founded in the same year.

“So this is likely where the potential confusion has arisen,” said the source.

“If you ask Siri when Glasgow Rangers was founded it presents you with links to sites including Wikipedia that references the 1872 date.”