Monday, May 16, 2022
In BriefMoment deer disrupts golf game by picking up ball

Moment deer disrupts golf game by picking up ball

A GAME of golf was interrupted by a demented deer that played with the ball before trying to eat it.

An amazing video shows the deer jumping around kicking and headbutting the ball before picking it up in its mouth.

The clip was filmed by 19-year-old student Kyle Elgan who, worried about the impact of a deer on the rules of golf, asks: “What the hell’s the ruling on this?”

Kyle, who was playing with at a course in Lochgoilhead, Argyll and Bute, was made by his pals to play the ball where the deer dropped it.

The friends had just teed off at the eighth hole of the Drimsynie House course when things took a surreal turn.

Kyle – a golf course management student at the University of the Highlands and Islands – said: “As I was walking up to my tee shot I noticed a deer making its way across the fairway in front of the green.

“My playing partner noticed that it had something white in its mouth and then we both clocked that it must be my golf ball.

“Obviously seeing this I thought I have to capture this on video as it’s not something you see every day.”

He added: “The deer had moved the ball a good 40 yards whilst playing with it which actually gave me an easier shot to the hole.”

Kyle, whose family home is near the course, said he had subsequently discovered he should have played the ball from where it originally landed.

“So hopefully that will come in handy if ever this happens again, as the deer captured is not afraid of humans whatsoever and has been hanging around the golf course for a week or two.”

The video has been viewed 5,000 times.

Among the deer-related puns were Simon Trevor-Wright’s “Fore-n!” and Charlie Murdoch’s “Was it Ernie elks?”.

Jacqs Evans said the animal should be made “an honorary member for entertainment value alone.”

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