Tuesday, August 9, 2022
NewsFirst parkour and circus school unveiled

First parkour and circus school unveiled

PLANS to create Scotland’s first centre for parkour and circus skills have been unveiled this week.

The Room to Move Centre for Parkour and Circus Arts will be the first venue in Scotland that is solely decicated to freerunning and circus skills.

The pioneering new centre – which will be based in Leith, Edinburgh – is looking for potential investors to take a leap of faith and help fund the venture.

Currently a crowdfunding web-page has been set up to help the business make the next jump in their plans.

More than £3700 out of the £10,000 target has already been raised in the first few days since its launch with investors bring promised a whole swath of rewards for donations.

Access Parkour – a freerunning group based in the capital which offers classes in parkour – will be teaming up Circus Alba and Freedom of Flight to run the venture.

Director and head coach at Access Parkour John Hall said the potential for the new centre is huge – with benefits of parkour and circus skills to people of all ages becoming increasingly more recognised.

He said: “There has been a growing demand for parkour in the area and we already orperate many classes in the city including at around 10 schools in the area.”

“We have many plans and, with a little help from people wanting to invest in our crowdfunding, we are going to bring our ideas to life.”

“We are not asking for charity, instead we think this as an investment in what could be one of the most amazing new locations for movement disciplines in the UK, if not the world.”

“Any and all oppurtunites to invest are welcomed. We have been targetting local businesses trying to get them onboard.”


The new project is aiming to open in mid-September and classes will be available from ages five and up with entry level and advanced classes being offered.

The decision to open the Room to Move Centre for Parkour and Circus Arts arose after the sudden closure of the Full Cirqle centre for Circus Arts in Portobello at the end of June this year.

Parkour was originally developed in France and is derived from military training courses.

The physical disicpline involves moving from one obstacle to another in a challenging environment without using an assistance.

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