Motorbike fanatic called Harley Davidson killed in road crash


A MOTORCYCLE fanatic called Rory Harley Davidson has died in a tragic bike accident.

23 year-old Mr Davidson was killed on Monday morning when the Suzuki motorbike he was riding with another man hit a stone dyke outside New Cumnock, East Ayrshire.

The accident threw both men from the bike – leaving one critically injured, and killing Mr Davidson.

It is not clear who was driving the bike at present – but on July 26 Mr Davidson, from New Cumnock, posted an image of his Suzuki motorbike on social media.

His Facebook profile also shows numerous other bikes.

One image uploaded is of a Harley Davidson motorbike, which he has captioned “Mum’s new Harley”.

Mr Davidson was pronounced dead at the scene
Mr Davidson was pronounced dead at the scene

The photograph was uploaded last Wednesday – just five days before the crash that claimed his night.

On June 6 this year, Mr Davidson posted an image of his pass certificate with the caption:

“Absolutely buzzing out my fat face. Just passed my bike test. Wheelie time come on.”
He accompanied the post with a smiley emoticon with a halo.

It is not known whether Harley Davidson is his birth name, or whether he changed it by deed poll.

Police are now appealing for further information about the accident – which took place at around 06.15.

Sergeant Iain Pittams is appealing to any motorists with dash cams in their vehicles who were in the Cumnock or New Cumnock areas around the time of the collision to contact him.

Tributes have poured in for the bike rider since his death on Monday.

Writing on Facebook, Calley Dunlop said: “Can’t believe what I have just seen! what a character you were Rory Davidson! life’s far too short! shine bright buddy.”

Billy Galbraith added: “Cant sleep over thinking of you Rory Davidson.”