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NewsWagner upsets Rangers fans with song about unpaid VAT

Wagner upsets Rangers fans with song about unpaid VAT

X-FACTOR reject Wagner has released a bizarre video in which he sings about Rangers “not paying their VAT”.

The Brazillian, who became a cult figure during his stint on the TV show in 2010, appears to have been paid by an Aberdeen supporter to sing the taunt.

The 59-year-old chants the famous Aberdeen anthem, ‘Stand Free’, before laying into Rangers for the unpaid £9m VAT and PAYE bill that resulted in the club going into administration in 2012.

The former X-Factor contestant, from Dudley, West Midlands, regularly uploads videos of himself performing various songs at the request of fans, who are thought to pay around £20 to hear him sing.


Wagner became a cult figure on the X Factor
Wagner became a cult figure on the X Factor


The 24-second clip appeared on Facebook yesterday (SUN) and has already been viewed over 45,000 times with over 1,000 likes and shares.

It’s filmed as a close-up of Wagner’s face as he starts: “A message from Paul McCain,” before breaking in song.

He chants: “Stand free, wherever you may be, we are the famous Aberdeen. We don’t give a toss whoever you may be. We are the famous Aberdeen.”

He then pauses before belting out: “Rangers are guilty, guilty, of not paying their VAT.”

Unsurprisingly, the footage has split opinion amongst football fans.

Martin Mcewan wrote: “Guys a legend! Come on folks. Surely people can see the ‘banter’ side to it.”



And James Joseph Drain said: “He would sell his granny for 20 quid, the big man, funny though.”

However, Robert Wilson commented: “Instead of a deluded don paying £20 for that p**h maybe should think about using the money to go support your team and its empty stadium at weekends.”

And an angry Barry McDonald wrote: “This f*****g clown is making a fortune off Scottish football fans, all in the name of s**te banter.”

Wagner’s quirky videos have hit the headlines before.

Earlier this year, he dedicated one to First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to congratulate her on her victory in May’s elections.

The First Minister tweeted her thanks for the message and wrote: “Surreal doesn’t quite cover it! But, thank you, Wagner!”

The singer’s videos have got him into trouble before when he sang the ‘Billy Boys’ for a Rangers fan before a Celtic fan got him to sing a pro-IRA song by Irish band the Wolfe Tones.

At the time, Wagner apologised and said: “I was asked to sing a football song on a video message wishing someone a happy birthday and, for the second time now, the football song had another meaning and I never knew it.

“My apologies to everyone who was offended by the song; I assure you that from now on I will not sing any football chants anymore without first researching its meaning to make sure it will not upset anyone. Problem solved.”

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