Footage captures moment Morrisons’ delivery driver scrapes van through tiny 6ft gap


AN amazing video shows a determined supermarket delivery driver squeezing his van through an impossibly tight 6ft gap.

The Morrisons driver scratches the side of his van and hits a wing mirror but still somehow manages to get across the weight-restricted bridge near Lancaster.

The hilarious clip was filmed by two men in the following car who can be heard shouting and swearing in amazement at the ill-advised stunt.

It is thought the driver was trying to save time on his journey by using the narrow bridge across the River Lune which connects the villages of Denny Beck and Halton. A warning sign tells drivers the bridge is weak and has a three tonne limit.

The clip opens with the Morrisons van squeezing across the bridge, just inches from wooden bollards.


The driver made the tight squeeze whilst out on deliveries
The driver made the tight squeeze whilst out on deliveries


The driver stops at the end of the bridge because his vehicles is simply too wide for the gap.

Undaunted, the driver appears to mount a small section of kerb and press on.

And as the vehicle wobbles around, the side door is shown opening and flapping around before the van finally straightens out.

Local plumber Brad Boyd, who captured the footage, is heard erupting into laughter with his friend screaming: “I can’t wait for this. He’s scratched f*** out of it. Go on son. Woah f***, f***.

“F****** hell man, look he’s f***** it.”

The boys then begin honking their horn at the driver as he pulls over at the side of the road – presumably to check for damages.

Brad, 19, said: “It was hilarious as you can see. Basically we were behind him and when we got to the bridge, you could see it wouldn’t fit.










“He stuck it in reverse for a split second and then just went for it anyway, he hit his mirror off the first bollard and carried on.

“I only got my phone out for the last bit, which is what you see in the video.”

Another local resident said: “As someone who lived in the village of Halton for 18 years and passed over that bridge hundreds of times, I can’t believe the van driver went for it.

“It’s so narrow that even standard cars struggle and often have to bring their mirrors in to get through the gap.

“I suppose full credit to him for making it, as the bridge is about 50m long and reversing back off it, especially with cars behind him, would have taken a very long time and it’s a pretty busy road.”

The clip has since been shared on social media, gaining more than 44,000 views on Facebook.

Many users have taken to the post to poke fun at the driver.

Jon Swimmer said: “Thought I saw his name on a loaf but it said thick cut.”

Adam Woodruff wrote: “I was an expert at taking that bridge at speed but even I wouldn’t have tried tackling it in that.”

While Andrew Sherlock said: ” He did well fitting in there.”

A Morrisons spokeswoman said: “Our delivery driver took a wrong turn whilst trying to get to a customer’s house to deliver their shopping.

“Because he had a vehicle behind him, he thought the best course of action would be to proceed over the narrow bridge, rather than trying to turn around.

“We apologise for this incident.”