Irn Bru-ce: Hilarious moment Scot finds other national drink in Oz


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment a Scot celebrates after finding Irn Bru whilst travelling in Australia.

In the video, the ginger-haired man, who has been in Oz for nine months, is driving a car whilst wearing a Manchester United shirt, and appears very emotional.

At first, it seems as if he may be about to make a truly profound revelation, but he discloses that the real reason for his emotional state is that he has finally found the Scottish sacred beverage down under.

After swigging a mouthful of the drink, he begins a monologue about his emotional connection to the brand, and celebrates its fantastic taste.

At the start of the clip, the man, whose identity is only known from his Youtube gaming channel, titled Shoot2Kill, says: “Just a quick update from Australia. I’m in Newcastle [New South Wales] right now.


The Scot was delighted to discover Irn Bru down under
The Scot was delighted to discover Irn Bru down under


“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my whole entire life. I’m actually getting emotional.”

At this moment, the man starts rubbing his eyes and beard, and it appears as if he will break down crying.

After a brief pause he says he has been to the supermarket, and then shouts: “I’ve found f****** Irn Bru!”

He then reveals a standard 330ml can of the carbonated drink before taking a swig.

With elation written in his eyes he adds: “Get in my f****** belly”, imitating Fat B******, the Scottish villain from the Austin Powers movies

“F****** beautiful b****** in f****** ginger can of f****** greatness. Woah, jesus.”



Irn Bru are well known for their hilarious adverts and lovers of the orange-coloured soft drink have become social media sensations before.

In July this year, David Laing, a 35-year-old forklift truck driver from Hamilton shared images online of a leg tattoo featuring an Irn Bru can.

The superfan was later contacted by Irn Bru’s proudcers, Barr, and starred in an advert for the company.

In October, a video showing Ukrainian children trying to describe the taste of the drink was also very popular online.

One of them describes the drink as tasting like a “toothbrush”, whilst another says it is “banana-flavoured.”

It was also revealed last month that Irn Bru sales had sky-rocketed in parliament after the number of SNP MPs increased at the 2015 general election.