Dramatic pictures show aircraft landing in 60mph wind


DRAMATIC pictures show a passenger aircraft approaching landing almost side-on as 60mph winds lashed the airport.

Ronnie Robertson, from Virkie on the Shetland Islands, was at the island’s main airport yesterday when he snapped one particularly hairy landing.

The 67-year-old’s series of photos show the Flybe plane banking and crabbing as it approaches Sumburgh airport.


The plane looked like it might not land safely in the dramatic pictures


The aircraft landed safely thanks to the skills of the steely-nerved pilots.

Speaking about the scary landing, Ronnie said: “Because of the wind, the planes were coming in using the longer runway.

“They have to leave it until the last couple of seconds before they can twist onto the runway and because of the strong crosswind they were coming in at an angle.


It came in at a 45 degree angle to the runway


“Yesterday it was gusting at over 52 knots (60mph) so it’s fair to say there was a good gale going.

“I live near the airport so I thought i’d go out and get some pictures. Some of the pilots are better than others at handling the conditions.

“They certainly get tested in these winds, they’re very skilled.”


Thankfully the plane was able to leave the runway safely


Meanwhile, dramatic footage has shown a huge ferry struggling to make its way off the Shetland Islands in the stormy conditions yesterday.

Local woman Jennifer Thomson filmed as the huge ship was buffeted by the vicious winds and battled to make its way through the choppy waters off Scotland’s north coast.

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for large parts of Scotland for Friday and Christmas Eve.

The warning means Scots should “be prepared” for Storm Barbara, which could see gusts of up to 90mph hit the country.