Moment P-plate driver “forgets” to shut back door


BIZARRE footage shows a recently-qualified driver negotiating a roundabout after apparently forgetting to shut the back door.

The driver – proudly displaying a green “P” after passing her test – turns right with the passenger-side rear door wide open.

The startled motorist filming the scene on his dashcam can be heard exclaiming “Holy s***!”.

The driver of an HGV approaching the scene flashes his lights frantically to warn the driver of the danger.

Thankfully, the new driver seems to realise her vehicle is unusually well-ventilated and appears to pull over after leaving the roundabout in Bathgate, West Lothian.

The clip was taken just before nine o’clock this morning (mon), and the man who took the footage believes the driver had probably just dropped their children off for school.

The dashcam owner, who does not want to be identified, but runs the Scottish Dashcammer Facebook page, said: “I’m guessing the lady had dropped kids off at school and I’m presuming the door hadnt been fully locked tight. I can only assume that as there is a school directly opposite.

“My reaction, as you can hear from the audio was more worried about if the door would hit the footpath railings.

“Apart from that it was more of a ‘did I just see that?’ type moment.”

A spokeswoman for road safety charity Brake, said: “Drivers need to ensure that their vehicle is fit for the road every time they get behind the wheel; this includes making sure all passengers are secured with a seatbelt, and doors and boots are firmly shut.

“An oversight such as the one in this video creates a massive hazard on our roads, and could potentially be fatal.”