Wednesday, August 10, 2022
News"Put Gregg on mate." Cheeky Scot badgers bakery giant into launching new...

“Put Gregg on mate.” Cheeky Scot badgers bakery giant into launching new product.

A GALLUS Scot has shared his hilarious bid to persuade Greggs to sell his culinary invention – the sausage and chicken bake roll.

Joker Anf Haggerty sent the firm a picture of his Greggs sausage roll with a chicken bake cunningly added to make the ultimate morning treat.

The 35-year-old told Greggs: “Honestly man, it’s up there with the big mac. I suggest we go straight to market with the idea before someone steals it from Facebook.”

Greggs tried to fob him off, stating: “We’ll pass your suggestion across Anf.


The creation went down well online


Anf, from Glasgow, replied: “Pass it to who, let me talk to the person in charge please. Where’s Gregg.”

He added: “Put Gregg on mate.”

Greggs continued to play things with a straight bat, replying: “Our retail team, they have regular meetings to decide any new releases.”

Anf demanded: “Does actual Gregg go to these meetings. I feel we really shouldn’t waste any time here you know.”

Social media users have reacted with hilarity after Anf sent the images to the Glesga Boggin Banter Facebook page.

Paul Ferguson said: “I need this in my life.”

Aimee Hannah added: “I can’t cope with these.”

Gilly Mac quipped: “Heart attack in a roll mate.”

Whilst Robert Scott joked: “Diet going well mate?”

Anf said today: “I bought both of them this morning at the same time and as usual the chicken bake was freezing.

“So I stuck it on the roll and sausage to heat it up a bit and thought why not it’s all going in the same place.

“I’ve not yet had any response from Greggs but I’ll keep people informed.”

The chicken bake and sausage roll combo would contain a whopping 849 calories and 48g of fat – well over half the recommended average daily intake of 70g.

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