Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsShocking footage captures a moment a man punched a pigeon after his...

Shocking footage captures a moment a man punched a pigeon after his mates forced him to kiss it

SHOCKING footage has captured the moment a Scot punched a pigeon in the face – after his friends forced him to kiss it.

In the jaw-dropping clip, the topless man, who is lying down, appears to be drifting in and out of consciousness as his friends carry a pigeon to his face and push its beak against his lips.

As the pigeon touches his mouth, he wakes up, and widens his eyes in shock at what has happened.

The boys around him laugh as they force the distressed bird on to him again, and he clenches his fists in anger.

One of the boys then says: “I bet you don’t crack it”.

The man responds by punching the pigeon straight in the face, as his friends shout in shock.

The exact origins of the footage are unknown, but the boys speak with Scottish accents.

The clip, which appears to be taken from Snapchat, was shared in two parts by The Glasgow Gospel Facebook page last night, and has been viewed thousands of times.

Most social media users have reacted with horror and anger at the clip.

A screenshot of the Snapchat video

Mark Campbell wrote: “What a tool punching a pigeon, a*** piece.”

Claudia Davis said: “10/10 promoting animal abuse also.”

Kerryanne Lochrie expressed anger at the boys egging him on, saying: “Especially the c*** egging him on, “bet you don’t crack it”, of course he was going to if someone was saying that.”

At the end of last year, a video went viral online showing a man punching a kangaroo, to protect his dog.

The clip prompted widespread debate on social media, with many calling it self-defence, and others lambasting the cruelty.

The RSPCA announced an investigation of the incident at the time.

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