Friday, August 12, 2022
News"Calm down, Robocop!" Moment Scots football fan slaps down bossy police officer

“Calm down, Robocop!” Moment Scots football fan slaps down bossy police officer

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a cheeky football fan slaps down a bossy police officer, telling him: “Calm down, Robocop.”
The five second clip begins with a group of football fans leaving Windsor park in Belfast after the Celtic v Linfield match on July 14 (FRI).
Celtic won the match, beating home team Linfield 2-0 in the first leg of the Champion’s League qualifying round.
The large crowd of Celtic fans were heading down Boucher Road, Belfast, and being directed by policemen.
Multiple policemen in full riot gear can be seen in the footage, and a police van parked in the middle of the road can be seen in the distance.
A policeman, standing in the middle of the road and wearing a full uniform of protective gear, can be heard shouting: “Get to the junction, you go left.”
Within second a cheeky Scot can be heard in the background replying: “Calm doon Robocop.”
The other fans can then be heard laughing as the video cuts out.

Social media fans were quick to react to the video, which was posted on Twitter yesterday (MON).
A twitter user, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted the video with the caption: “calm doon robocop.”
The tweet now has over 21,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweets since it was uploaded.
Social media users were quick to comment on the hilarious post.
User Ryan replied with a gif of Robocop from the 1988 film with the caption: “Thank you for your cooperation.”
Matthew said: “Hahaha, I’ve just seen this, proper crease at the Scottish.”
Tom Shannon added: “So so good that.”
Bowden Aesthetics commented: “This gets funnier with every watch.”
Conor Chambers said simply:”F****** howling.”
Others criticised the policeman captured in the clip.
Jordan Burdall said: “ It’s rank how coppers treat football fans. F*** off.”
Smithy added: “He’s got more kit than robocop f*** me.”
Kilaualay commented: “Power going to the wee man’s head.”

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