Ski-mad lad, 11, goes half a mile off piste – attached to his stepdad’s van


A YOUNG boy made the most of the snow gripping Scotland – by skiing while attached to his stepdad’s car.

Brett McKnight took Alastair, 11, for a half mile trip through the streets of Dalrymple, South Ayrshire, last night.

Dressed up in his full skiing gear, including helmet and Go-Pro camera, Alastair can be seen gliding along the street while thick snow surrounds him.

He is shown gripping on to a rope attached to the back of Brett’s van.

The youngster had just got back from a recent family ski holiday to Andorra and couldn’t resist getting back on his skis.

Brett posted the clip on Scotland from the Roadside last night (tue) writing: “So it’s not Glencoe but hey ho.”

The video has since been attracted hundreds of likes and comments from impressed viewers.

Nicolette Blankespoor wrote: “Fantastic.”

And Heather Royan said: “Transport sorted this morning.”

Speaking today (WED), Brett said: “It was quite a wee distance, the length of Barbieston Road, about 0.5 of a mile.

“When I told him what we were going to do he couldn’t wait. He even managed to negotiate the speed bumps/moguls.

“Alastair and the rest of the kids have just came back their first ski holiday from Andorra which they loved, well most of them.”

Meanwhile, Taggart star Colin McCredie shared a photograph of man he spotted skiing along a street, believed to be in Glasgow.

The hilarious image shows the man maneuvering around parked cars clutching onto his ski poles while gliding along the street on a set of green skis.

McCredie wrote: “Guy actually just skied past us on school run!


The image attracted dozens of mixed comments from Twitter users.

Colin Rae wrote: “There is always some hipster smart a*** taking it too far.”

Robert Read said: “A f*d with a timeshare in Aviemore.”

Katherine Mendelsohn wrote: “Like his style.”

And one unimpressed social media user branded the skier an “attention seeking f***y”.