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News"Scumbag" pedestrian almost gets himself knocked down - then chases and punches...

“Scumbag” pedestrian almost gets himself knocked down – then chases and punches driver

VIDEO shows a panicked motorist speed off in terror after being viciously attacked by a pedestrian who walked in front of their car moments before.

The incident started when the driver had to emergency brake to avoid hitting the man in Wallasey, Merseyside.

The pedestrian is then seen sprinting after the vehicle, trying to pull the driver’s door open, and throwing a punch through the open window.

Desperate the escape, the driver pulls out of a line of traffic and speeds down the wrong side of the road and across a roundabout.

The incident happened during the day on December 31 but the man who filmed it has just released the footage, claiming police failed to take any action.

Rashid Khan’s dashcam footage shows a black Vauxhall Corsa in front slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting a middle-aged man who wandered in the middle of a road.

The man, wearing a long coat and tight Adidas joggers can be seen staring into the passenger window at the driver after avoiding the car by inches.

Within seconds the thug then darts towards the car which is waiting behind two cars at a roundabout.

He then furiously pulls at the door handle trying to reach the driver before launching his fist through the open window and attacking the driver. The driver’s head snaps sharply to the left, suggesting he has been hit with considerable force.

A silver car is then shown narrowly avoiding hitting the Corsa head on while the pedestrian continues to run after the car. A woman with a young child are seen just metres away watching the ugly scene unfold.

The attacker is then shown casually walking away while apparently inspecting his hand for damage.

Rashid Khan uploaded the footage with the comment: “Welcome to Liverpool”.

One viewer wrote: “Pedestrian is a scumbag and is at fault.”

Another said: “What a total scumbag. The guy was being deliberately slow and obstructive. Arrogant scumbag – we’ve all seen them.”

One social media user wrote: “I’ve seen that run before…normally they are running away from a car and there are sirens are going.”

The attacker punched through the car window and chased it down the street

And another joked: “He isn’t good enough to be a scumbag, he is a f***ed up waste of dead sperm and needs cement boots and a nice deep river.”

Rashid said: “I feel sorry for the car driver. I did report it to police but they said they will be in touch with me but nothing so far.

“I told them I had video but they did not call.”


Merseyside Police today revealed the attacker smashed his fist through the closed side window to punch the driver.

A spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that we received a report of criminal damage on the 31st December stating the incident had happened at at around 11.30am on Mill Lane, Wallasey.

“The driver has reported that they have slowed to let the pedestrian cross and continued to drive off.

“The pedestrian has then approached the car and has allegedly smashed the driver side window. The driver has then driven off.

“No further action was taken and the pedestrian involved in the incident was not identified.”

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