The high baaas – gymnastic sheep use Highland cow as climbing frame


A HIGHLAND bull has found itself being used by cheeky sheep – as a climbing frame.

Somerled, who weighs almost a tonne and possesses a very sharp pair of horns, is regularly perched on by acrobatic ovines.

The four-year-old, who lives on Edinvale Farm, Forres, Moray, placidly lets members of the flock stand on him for up to 10 minutes at a time.

Macbeth’s butchers, who own the farm, posted the images on their official Facebook page writing: “Seems that Somerled has some wee pals and doesn’t mind being used as a climbing frame.

Somerled lets members of the flock stand on him for up to 10 minutes at a time

On social media, Tullochwood Lodges wrote: “We have seen this several times as we drive past, always gets a smile, that with the pigs a little further along of course.”

Sue Chadderton said: “Adorable.”

Speaking today (tue) Jock Gibson, manager at Macbeth’s, said: “I think other people spotted them doing this before we did.

“We noticed a couple of weeks ago after spotting the sheep standing on top of Somerled. Then since then it’s been happening on a regular basis.

The cheeky sheep frequently use the placid bull as a climbing frame

“The sheep will stand there for easily about ten minutes. They don’t seem to care. Somerled just lies there and doesn’t care.

“We actually bought Somerled from the same farm as we got the sheep. The sheep arrived later though and wouldn’t have known him but they seem to have a bond. Maybe there’s something in the air there.

“The field that they’re in is by the busy road so people going past have seen it. It’s been very entertaining.”