“Dungeon” and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s bed among scenes in video of abandoned mansion


REMARKABLE video shows the inside of a long-abandoned mansion in which Bonnie Prince Charlie hid from Redcoats.

It shows what appears to be a dungeon with a ceiling trapdoor, the bed the Prince is reputed to have slept in and a giant safe hidden behind a door.

And despite the neglect suffered by 17th Century Bannockburn House, many of its glories are still in evidence, including ornate ceilings, the original servants’ bells and leather panelling.

The mansion near Stirling has been left almost untouched since the 1960s but was recently bought by a community trust who plan to regenerate the building.

last month, Youtuber UrbEX Pajerico filmed inside the crumbling mansion which Bonnie Prince Charlie used as a headquarters as well as a place of refuge.

The clip begins with Urbex Pajerico stumbling upon an antique green stove – complete with an iron kettle still sitting on top.

As the explorer goes further into the house, he comes across a creepy staircase leading into the bowels of the house.

As he walks down the stairs, past crumbling brick walls, he says: “This is like something out of a horror movie.”

The explorer walks amongst debris on the floor, and as he looks up to the ceiling – a trap door comes into view. He said: “This is like a dungeon, and look, a trap door they used to throw you down.”

Urbex also stumbles upon a bed with a mouldy blanket still on top of the mattress, an old fashioned golf bag and an intricately detailed ceiling.

There is also beautiful and fragile leather panelling still on the walls, and the bed Bonnie Prince Charlie would have stayed in while hiding out is still in almost pristine condition.

The wooden four poster bed still has bright floral sheets hanging around the side, and the room has a servants bell – likely installed well after Charlie’s visits.

The house still hosts the bed Bonnie Prince Charlie is reputed to have slept in during his time at the house (C) Thomas Murray

Urbex also discovers the old fashioned bell system used to alert servants throughout the house – with small pieces of paper allocated to each room of the mansion.

Speaking today, Urbex Pajerico said: “The house was recently purchased by the Bannockburn House Trust who have been successful in securing its future for those living in Bannockburn, and the wider public.

“The house will now be renovated and protected for future generations to enjoy and will be open to the public in the future. However, they do have open days a few times a year to raise funds toward the upkeep and such like.

“The house has an amazing history with many links to the past. Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed twice during the Jacobite rebellion, and during the tartan ban in the Highlands the family and owners of the time reintroduced and made tartan again – as the ban was only imposed in the highlands and not the lowlands.

“It truly is an amazing house with beautiful features throughout.”

Bannockburn House has been bought over by a trust who are planning to regenerate the 17th century mansion

Social media users from around the world praised the video, which has now been viewed over 11,000 times.

Kristy Ferla said: “I’m so happy they are restoring this place. Hope you will be able to show us progress on the place. The ceiling detail was incredible.”

Marlene Adrejko added: “Where do you begin? That leather wall, those ceilings, that stove. Amazing.”

TaraLynn McKeigan said: “I absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing your explore. I wish I could see it in person. Calgary, Alberta Canada.”

Nicoletta Ciccone wrote: “Wow. The ceilings, the detail of the leaves and flowers, beautifully made. Thank you for sharing this video. Greetings from Italy.”

While Nadine Chandler said simply: “Awesome.”