Mone mocked after making triple boast about world-class skills in one tweet


MICHELLE Mone has been mocked after claiming in a single tweet that she is a world-class expert in lingerie design, enterpreneurship – and cryptocurrency.

Mone took to twitter to humblebrag about her new found knowledge of cryptocurrency after launching her new business with billionaire boyfriend Doug Barrowman.

Mone posted a screenshot of a Forbes article about her company with the caption: “I never thought I could go from being on [sic] of the best technical lingerie designers in the World, No1 woman entrepreneur to one of the biggest experts in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain #believe.”

Baroness Mone of Mayfair took to Twitter to humblebrag

But Baroness Mone of Mayfair, OBE, appears not to be believed by some social media users, several of whom responded with digs.

User SPC joked: “‘I’m the most modest person you’ll ever meet.’”

Zippy added: “To be fair Michelle, if my boyfriend was a billionaire I’d probably be an expert in anything he wanted me to be too #stayhumble.”

Lucian Lonzanu post a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street clapping with the caption: “One of the biggest experts in crypto and blockchain?”

Stephen Hall wrote: “No one believes that haha.”

Mark Tomlinson commented: “Surely you’re an expert when it’s a success not at the point of when a product is launched?”

And Highway added: “Nobody believes you’re a blockchain expert hen.”

Alan Crooks said: “What happened to being a top Interior Designer? Got bored of that did we?”

Steinish said simply: “So humble.”

Twitter users reacted to Michelle Mone’s statement

At the beginning of the month, social media users trolled Michelle Mone after she made a video trying to explain her cryptocurrency venture.

Mone’s explanatory video, in which she used the phrase “blockchain technology”, recieved a sceptical response from some social media users.

One described the clip as “a load of s***e.” while others ridiculed the former Ultimo boss for adopting what they claim is a posh, west end of Glasgow accent.