American YouTube addict, 4, sleeps standing up as his mum tries to get him to school


A YOUTUBE addict aged four has been filmed by his mum sleeping standing up and then almost falling over after sneakily staying up all night.

King McDaniel should be heading to school but is so exhausted he totters about his home with his eyes clamped shut before eventually crashing into a wall.

The four-year-old, from Franklin, Louisiana, loves watching videos of Power Rangers, Spiderman and Batman.

According to his mum, Cherazar Johnson, he feigns sleep before getting hold of his sister’s mobile in the middle of the night to binge watch his favourite shows.

Cherazar shared her video on social media with the caption: “When u sneak and watch YouTube all night and your momma still make u go to school.”

The video starts with King standing in the middle of the family’s kitchen wearing a blue-striped jumper and black trousers.

Despite being dressed for school, he can be seen swaying and with his eyes closed.

His mum tells him: “King c’mon. C’mon King let’s go.” But the little boy doesn’t move until his mum gives him one last shout: “King.”

The boy wearily walks towards his mum, with his eyes still shut, he almost walks into the kitchen counter.

Then standing in front of his mum he begins to sway barely staying upright. Then suddenly he falls head first into the wall.

Luckily King gets his arms out quick enough to brace his fall. He quickly stands back upright with his eyes wide open.

A YOUTUBE addict aged four has been filmed by his mum sleeping standing up and then almost falling over after sneakily staying up all night.

Cherazar said today: “He tells me ‘okay momma’ and he acts like he is asleep but I wake up in the middle of the night and catch him.

“He then goes and gets his sister’s phone and starts watching YouTube.

“His favorite videos are Batman, Power Rangers and Spider-man.”

Cherazar shared the video on the Facebook group Viral Videos and commenters were quick to empathise with King.

Laurie Ann Lewis said: “Awe poor little guy. He’s so sleepy.”

Sheldon Elizabeth commented: “Should have let him stay off. You would have had to collect him anyway when he fell asleep at school.”

In January this year two of the largest investors in Apple urged the company to look into the effects their devices have on children.

The group, who own $2 billion in Apple stock, want the tech giant to offer tools to help children avoid addiction and give parents more control.

The investors want Apple to allow parents to set the age of the user when setting up the phone. They also want parents to have the ability to implement limits on screen time, hours of the day the phone can be used and to block social media services.

A 2016 survey found that half of American kids felt addicted to their smartphones. And 78% checked their phones hourly.

In the same study 77% of parents felt their children were distracted by their devices and don’t pay attention when they’re together, several times a week.