Coffee lover Cam complains to Starbucks about baristas’ smutty abuse of his name


A STARBUCKS customer has complained that staff keep coming up with a very offensive mispelling of his name on coffee cups.

The customer – Cam Ashmall – reckons workers keep making the “a” look like a “u”.

Cam – whose Twitter name is CamashRed – told the store: “Starbucks, can you please train your employees to just capitalise their ‘As’?

“I’m tired of having to carry a c** latte around Edinburgh.”

Cam, 30, says the “mistake” with his name has happened twice and his pictures of the blunders have been liked over 13,000 times and retweeted over 5,000 times.

The response to his messages prompted him to lament: “This is it. This is my legacy. All my other achievements will lie forgotten.”

Cam, a call centre administrator, sent on final tweet pleading with Starbucks to send him on a safari to make up for his suffering.

“Ok, last tweet: @Starbucks, if you wanna offer me anything for this unexpected advertisement, just send me to South Africa so I can hang out with lions for a couple of weeks. That’s all I ask. My DMs are open.”

Social media users responsed with a string of smutty jokes.

But among the printable responses was that of @Zainyness, who commented: “Pretty sure they’re doing that on purpose.”

And @JerseyLynda advised: “You need to change your name to Tim or Steve or George.”

Cam said today: “It doesn’t happen much though. It was just surprising it’s happened twice in a row and I thought ‘ok this is taking the p*** a little now’.

He added: “Honestly, I just thought it was funny. People are thinking my reaction is annoyed or angry but that’s just how I look most of the time anyway.

“I think the baristas just weren’t paying attention, so I can’t blame them. I’ve not said anything to them. They did however make a really big capital A on the following one, so they must be aware.”