Incredible moment Audi driver stops on motorway in shocking road rage incident


VIDEO shows a road rage driver stop dead on a motorway, forcing a recovery truck to emergency brake and narrowly avoiding a pile-up.

The driver of the Audi covertible repeatedly brake-checked the recovery truck and made obscene gestures before slamming to a halt on the M53.

The shocking incident was filmed by a passenger in the recovery truck driven by Bill Houghton, who screams at the Audi driver: “I’ll smash you to f****** bits.”

The dispute on Saturday afternoon between junctions 8 and 10 in Cheshire is thought to have been caused by the Audi driver becoming enraged at the slow speed of the recovery vehicle.

In the video, the Audi driver cuts in front of the recovery truck and gestures for him to pull over.

He then moves back in to the fast lane and which point an enraged Mr Houghton yells threats and calls the Audi driver a “b*****d”.

The Audi gets in front of the recovery truck and brakes sharply before accelerating away.

Incredibly, the Audi then stops completely in the left hand lane. The recovery truck can be heard screeching to a halt. Marriane Houghton, who is filmed, yells: “F****** k***head.”

The Audi driver waves before zooming off into the distance.

Marriane said: “We overtook a big truck but as we are speed restricted it takes a little time to complete.

“The Audi driver was speeding down the outside lane so came up on us fast, flashing his lights and gesturing. We pulled in and he cut straight in front of us and slowed down. We tried to move lanes but he moved too. That’s when I started to video.”

The driver made repeated obscene gestures

“There was an articulated truck behind us so if we had hit him or stalled when we had to stop, it would have mounted the flat bed and crushed our cab.

“Total disregard for anyone. This could have been so catastrophic. Idiots like him need taking off the road before someone is killed.”

A spokesman for SWD Media, who obtained the clip, said: ““Both drivers displayed unnecessary road rage in this clip, which is one of the main reasons for accidents on our roads today.”

“Clearly, whatever annoyed this driver has escalated rapidly before the video started however the way the Audi driver brake checked the recovery vehicle was reckless, and dangerous.”

“I hope the police will take action on that brake check however. It was stupid.”